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We want you to connect with the Sif Jakobs Jewellery universe - a place where we share our latest news, inspiration, feelings and thoughts. The SJJ Magazine is the heart of our universe. So stay tuned as we reveal and share nuggets of jewellery wisdom with you.

We are excited to release our voice through our magazine, making new connections with our community. We can let our light shine by building a community of kindred souls who love affordable elegance in everyday life like us. Believing that every soul matters, we have created this platform to share and reveal everything dear to our hearts.


Our magazine includes exciting updates from the bright world of Sif Jakobs Jewellery, including and not limited to the following featured topics: newness, upcoming trends, styling tips, bestsellers, the woman behind the brand.

You will find out ahead of everyone else what’s new and what’s out. Have an insider’s perspective on upcoming jewellery trends and styling tips from our experts, Instagram “wear the look'' insights and much more. And the most exciting feature of the SJJ magazine will be a series on Sif Jakobs, the woman behind the ‘most-watched Scandinavian jewellery brand’.We are eager to talk about Sif Jakobs Jewellery, everything it stands for, and the direction we aspire to take. So, we invite our friends to join us on this exciting journey.


Our universe has been perfected in elegant sophistication with a splash of glamour. A world of affordable luxury, with a touch of magic, only found in original Nordic and Scandinavian jewellery.


By newness, we mean what is new in the exciting world of Sif Jakobs? Next month, you will learn about our latest product releases, product promos, styling tips, and more about the latest AW21 releases.

In 2020 November, we opened the very first Sif Jakobs Jewellery flagship store right here in Copenhagen, where it all began ten years ago! We did not let the fear and sadness surrounding COVID-19 pull down our hope and optimism for the future. This winter, we hope to see you all in person.


Our universe has expanded in the last decade in ever shining glory expressed in beautiful pieces of elegant jewellery. We want to give you a personal tour of our galaxy of rings, necklaces, personalizable pendants, and chic bracelets designed with a passion for cool Nordic styles. Expressed in high-quality cubic zirconia, our brand DNA shines through our brimming sense of style.



Sif Jakobs has excellent jewellery styling and trend instincts. Find out all about our answer to the ever-changing landscape of what’s hot or not right here. Our magazine will showcase the hottest jewellery trends.


While the uproar created by 2020 has slowly subsided and evolved into new ways to stay connected. We couldn’t help but notice a general move towards upper body jewellery, colours, and layering styles.

Now that lockdowns have lifted, we foresee great times ahead as people seek out business spaces, meeting clubs, and cafes. At Sif Jakobs Jewellery, we hear a buzz of excitement and zest for life returning to fashion styling, especially in our upcoming AW21 new releases that carry a hint of autumn hues.


Our magazine will give you a detailed description of the season’s bestsellers and the behind-the-scenes take on these special stars in our design universe.


What’s the point of owning a heap of hot jewellery and not knowing how to style them? Not to worry, help yourself to our styling wisdom and loads of inspiration right in your inbox


Are you caught in a style rut? You will find on-point fashion advice, inspiration, and more in our blogs and newsletters. We have gathered the best looks seen in Sif Jakobs Jewellery pieces just for you. You will learn necklace and ring styling tips that instantly take your style from bland to oomph and elegance.


Do you own a thousand pieces of clothing and yet feel like “I have nothing to wear”? Learn to work with everyday wear available in your wardrobe and how to transform your outfits by combining them with a few pieces from your SJJ collection. You will surely shine bright every day.


The powerhouse behind the brand Sif Jakobs Jewellery is an exemplary woman leader who has envisioned and led a brand by women for women. We will bring you specials on Sif Jakobs, the talented jewellery designer who has brought us this magnificent SJJ Universe where everybody can shine.


Our jewellery universe would not be without the strong leadership of this independent woman on the drawing board. Inspired deeply by her Nordic roots, Sif Jakobs designs for every woman out there who needs a glittering pick-me-up.


We want to share her with all of you. You get to find out what makes her wake up every morning and dream up so much passion and fire that influences how a person feels about themselves.

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